Quality Careers

DG Fuels wants to build a state-of-the-art clean, renewable fuel facility that will bring well-paying jobs to St. James Parish, as well as workforce training opportunities for local students who are thinking about their future.

This project will create 650 permanent jobs with preference for hiring given to local St. James residents. These jobs will have a minimum salary of $48,000 including benefits like health insurance. Additionally, Louisiana Economic Development projects 5,231 indirect jobs will be added, bringing an estimated total 5,881 new jobs to the region.

Cleaner Environment

Our new facility will have fewer atmospheric emissions than a standard U.S. hospital, including no fossil fuel emissions and no discharge into our river.

DG Fuels is a company built on environmental action. We produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)—a clean energy source with minimal environmental impact. We also provide financially attractive alternatives to practices like burn harvesting, so we can eliminate smoke and “black snow” created when farmers burn crops for harvest.

  • Adding 650 Well-Paying Permanent Jobs
  • Producing Environmentally Friendly Airplane Fuel
  • Creating a Cleaner Environment for Everyone